Angels again

I've discovered that the best cure for nervousness is to knit, to crochet or to stitch. So I did.

A band of angels on my laptop:

Thick felt, Madeira metallic threads. As I wanted to put them on christmas-tree I took some clothespins, painted them with gold acrylic and hot glued my angels to them.

Now I'm thinking about gnomes. :)



This year's end seems hectic and just a step away from madhouse. There's happened so many things: I've quit my job - yes, I did it voluntarily and sometimes I think that now, when all people try to hold on to their jobs I'm deciding that it's a good time to take some time off - that this can't be clear thinking and I must have bats in the belfry or something. But the truth is I'm awfully tired and our son needs me more than he did before. He is growing and his problems are growing with him and at least for a while I must exist only for my family. It doesn't mean that I can't work - I've talked with the publishing house I worked for and occasionally I can translate a book, but I won't do this every day, as I have till now.

We have been away too. Jum Jum did have a psychiatric evaluation and so we have been in Tartu for almost a week. While being there, I got the news of my grand-aunt dying. Needless to say that with all these problems I haven't had very much time to think about other things.

So. About the exchange Kirsi hosted. I got a card from Sari from Finland. It's lovely, real christmassy and reminds me of snow we don't have (only yet, I hope). Thank you, Sari!


Something completely different

I had some lovely glass beads and an idea, so yesterday evening when Jum Jum was in bed and hubby was reading, I sat down and started to cut and bend.

The first one is always the first one. Meaning that it isn't perfect yet and maybe needs some adjustments, but its the first one and therefore important. :)

So here it is: the angel.


Christmas decorations

Picture quality isn't very good, but we had almost no light today, so I did as best as I could. Materials: thick felt, Madeira metallic threads and some beads.

Again freebies

Cute ones too.


Busy time

I haven't had time to write, mostly because I haven't got anything to write about. The deadline is nearing and I have to finish the book, so I haven't had time to stitch or do anything else, really. It's mostly get-up-eat-take-Jumjum-to-school-go-and-sit-in-a-cafe-working-til-it's-time-to-go-home-again-make-lunch-work-work-work-make-dinner-work-work-work-give-Jumjum-a-goodnight-kiss-work-work-work-brush-your-teeth-go-to-bed-routine most of the time. Except that a few days in a week it's not mine but my husband's, only he won't sit in a cafe, he has a real working-place. :) Then I'll stay home and work and feed the cat and make lunch and dinner and occasionally dust the place. :P Until the book is finished and I'm free again... for about a week. Then it'll start all over again. Oh no, I'm not complaining, I like my work tremendously. It's just that today is a gray day and I feel a bit gray myself. And that leads me to the thing I really wanted to write about.

Today I found an interesting and beautiful blog. Really, look at all these colours! It's perfect for admiring on a day like we have here today: whiteish-gray, cold and wet. My fingers are itching already and ideas are jumping around in my head. Marvellous. :)



Christmas is near. There is yet another freebies link from one of my favourite authors, Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. Scroll the page down a little and you'll find them.